Thanksgiving 2022!

December 01, 2022


2022 is a year full of ups and downs. It is the 3rd year to be in Estonia in Europe. Early this year, I could visit my parents in Hong Kong after the 2-years-long pandemic with the once-a-lifetime 21 days quarantine. Sadly, at the moment I am typing this, they are still under the zero-tolerance policy restriction in the far East. I am glad that I can breathe and travel freely in Europe.

I always told myself I did not have enough time to do stuff. |"I was too lazy!" I felt like I was being pushed by myself and others. Yet, I started learning to be more patient. I try to walk slower but in the right direction.

I enjoy my life in Tallinn. However, at some point I would imagine if I went to UK, Germany or US instead and working there. I treasured what opportunities I got and what I walked through. It is almost the end of this year. It will be yet another new start.

Being good, thank my be-loved and family and friends, and hope for the peace and the best.


Taken in weekend trip in Oslo.