Alphatensor - Algorithm Discovery of Matrix multiplication

November 08, 2022


DeepMind of Google just establised the paper introducing AlphaTensor, a new AI system for discovering efficient and correct algorithms.

Speedup the matrix multiplication

From the example, AlphaTensor is able to improve the Strassen’s two-level algorithm in a finite field for the first time since its discovery 50 years ago. There are two distinct computations in neural networks, feed-forward and backpropagation. And there are many mathematic operations in between. Matrix multiplication is one of the major operations, which are usually being run by GPU thanks to the high speed of parallel computing.

feed-forward neural network

The message

It is really an impressive finding. Given that the deep learning AI system AlphaTensor relies on matrix operations so heavily, we could use it to improve the basic design of its own. Like what the company said, the trained algorithm would be plugged into the firmware of the CPU/GPU units which makes the basic operations even faster. HERE WE GO!

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